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Beyoung technological innovation lead the industry hottest smart devices

Yesterday at the opening of the eighteenth China (Jinjiang) International Footwear (Sports Industry) Fair, the reporter noted, when it comes before the relevant technological equipment into the booth and reduce labor costs, popularity are high, go to the information, automation buy shoes strong willingness of merchants and other smart devices. Even at lunch time, this good sewing still crowded in the hall.

"Every year we are very busy exhibition hall since the morning of opening, in order to introduce the product to the customer, our mouth has not stopped, several colleagues of his voice somewhat hoarse." The Jinjiang Jia-car trading Co., Ltd., general manager Hong Zhijian told reporters, customers most frequently asked product is the smart devices, including automatic printing line leather laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine automatic painting line, integrated automatic single, double needle roller vehicles.
In recent years, affected by factors of raw material prices, rising labor costs and labor shortages and other resources, Jinjiang footwear and other traditional labor-intensive industries technological innovation capability is not high, low production level of automation equipment, industrial workers in short supply, the production process is not unreasonable standardized, an urgent need to break. For shoe companies, faced with the demographic dividend reduction, intelligent equipment not only can well relieve enterprises are facing "labor shortage, recruitment difficulties" situation more conducive to improving labor productivity and reduce costs. Development and popularization of intelligent equipment, to promote the upgrading of traditional industries to enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing sector will play a crucial role.
Hong Zhijian said the inquiry being smart devices, integrated automatic single, double needle roller of the most popular car. It is the industry's first touch-screen LCD model used in automatic car Rolla, Rolla create automated vehicles to enter the multimedia age precedent. With respect to the older models of the push-button cartridge, new cartridge LCD touch more responsive, the software can be upgraded.
It is understood that the device is suitable for high-grade leather shoes, sports shoes, bags, gloves and other curved products, the use of nylon dog-tooth, driven wheel line and needle synchronous feeding, up and down the shaft with high precision timing belt, climb excellent slope sewn performance; stitch setting precise and consistent size can be freely adjusted, greatly improve product quality; equipment servomotor saving principle, more energy saving, saving more than 50%; positioning servo motor design, each needle stop times are back to square one, saving time workers fluctuations pulley, greatly improving efficiency.
"In addition, integrated automatic single, double needle roller car computer control box hidden in the head side, avoiding the older models electrical control box is placed Taiwan version of the baseline situation in excessive wiring minimize the wiring over due and other off-line failure caused by production. At the same time, the machine is more beautiful, more ergonomic. "Hong Zhijian said.